3 Tips for Writing Your First Journal Entry

3 Tips for Writing Your First Journal Entry

M&K's 3 tips to help you with your journal writing journey.

1. Set realistic and achievable goals for the first week of your journal writing

When starting out, it’s important to set small goals for the first week. This will keep you motivated and on track to achieve them. When you set these goals, you’ll know what you’ve achieved each day and have something to look forward to. Small goal setting helps you stay focused on your progress, and consistency pays off. 

2. Add incentive to keep you writing by giving yourself a reward for each entry completed

A simple way to encourage writers to keep writing is to give yourself a reward for each entry completed. This could be as simple as a cup of coffee, a smoothie, or a snack. It’s best to treat yourself as a reward to motivate you to keep writing. If you go above and beyond for the writers you follow, they’ll likely be more likely to continue to follow you. 

3. Connect with others who are also journaling to motivate you to write more often

Connect with people who have a similar mindset about journaling. You don't have to be writing about the same thing, but it helps you stay motivated when you have a friend who's on the same journaling journey. 


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